Spring is in the air

I am inspired to create necklaces for brides.  Thoughts of cherry blossoms and lace, the first seven pieces are of gold-filled wire and pearls, with some crystals for sparkle.   Following are just a mix of new pieces to share.

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A small, leather-bound book for very small notes.

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New Light Box for Taking Photos

After struggling with taking reasonable photos of my pieces, I now have a “light box” which allows me to take better photos.  The colour is more consistant, and the Swarovski crystals do not blind the lens.   I still have much to learn, but here are some photos I took today:

Detail of knitted necklace

Knitted Silver Necklace

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Happy New Year

Although I have not been posting/blogging, I have been creating and life has been busy. Perhaps it is that life has been so busy, I have not been posting as I should… ah, the paradox. I have four kids, and two are far from home studying in Boston and in Glasgow, Scotland. A bit of my heart has traveled with them.
Some of my latest work has involved kinetic elements. I like the idea of combining cold connections with moving parts. I have also mixed up my medias and started creating pieces using bronze and copper clay, painted paper, leather, embossed 24 gauge copper sheet, and pigment on metal. I have found a fondness for doors and keys, creating a few Hobbit doors along the way.
Here are a few of my recent pieces:Bronze doors

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Candy Hearts

Tonight I have a show at Left Hand Brewing Company. Here is my toast to beer art and valentine’s. Swing by and visit if you wish. It is in Longmont, from 5-8pm, tonight, February 9th.

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Unfinished bits

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A royal crown

This crown was commissioned and shall be used in a play.  It is formed of gold-filled wire and Swarovski crystals.

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More Crowns

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This coming weekend (September 25 and 26) is the Longmont Studio Tour.  In preparation, I have been creating many different types of jewelry.  Today, I finished a new crown.  It is decorated with amethysts, rubies, and pearls.  It is just fun…  Please come and see me and support my fellow Longmont artists.  I shall be grouped with a few other artists in an old barn at Blue Cloud Farms riding stable, on Prospect Road (off of 63rd).  Look for the signs for the Longmont Studio Tour, come visit me, and try on the crown!

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Ear Wires

I am never satisfied with the ear wires I can purchase.  They are expensive and I can make my own to my specifications.  They are easy to make, but time consuming:  Measuring and cutting 20 gauge fine silver wire, melting one tip, forming, forging, and then tumbling for two hours to remove the rough edges.

Sigh…  However, here they are waiting for color.

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